Whether you need a mind blowing Keynote, looking to reconnect the team, prepping for a crucial talk that needs a touch of finesse, or seeking an Emcee or Facilitator to captivate and connect your event's audience, Joshua's unique focus on fostering connections will ensure memorable and impactful experiences. 

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While individual authenticity is valuable; building a strong community, organization, or team hinges on sincerity. In this talk, Joshua shares the secrets of leveraging sincerity to foster lasting connections for sustainable success.

In this talk Joshua Routh shares valuable lessons of building rapport he has learned as a leader for over 20 years in the events, hospitality and entertainment industry. The ideas shared in this talk are not passive. This is a call to action. It is a call to be bold and make the first move, with sincerity.

Joshua Routh TEDx



Joshua has joined best selling author and speaker Will Bowen on his quest to create a Complaint Free World. Joshua is one of the few speakers certified to share this incredible content. 

How to Turn Complainers Into Collaborators 

In this engaging, inspiring, and humorous presentation, you’ll discover how to recognize the motivation behind complaints and, most importantly, how to redirect these negative complaints into positive collaboration. 

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The Fast Track to Rebuilding Teamwork

After  years of working from home, your team is probably feeling a little disconnected. They may not know each other as well as they used to, and they may be struggling to collaborate effectively. That's where RAPID RECONNECTION comes in. This program is designed to help teams quickly rebuild the trust, communication, and collaboration skills that they need to succeed.

Joshua does this through a series of initiatives, exercises and yes, a few circus skills, that help team members get to know each other again, build rapport, and learn how to work together effectively.

This program is fast-paced, fun, and it's also highly effective!

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Mastering the Art of Connection through Mind-Blowing Presentations

In the age of digital bombardment, connection is the key. At the heart of every impactful presentation lies a magnetic connection between the presenter and the audience. Joshua Routh understands this fundamental truth and brings it to life in his unparalleled presentation workshops, coaching and trainings.

Make sure to check out the BOOK as well! 

josh routh professional workshops, circus skills for professionals


Joshua Routh is not just an emcee, he is a connector of moments, ideas, and audiences.

With a delightful blend of comedic prowess and astounding mastery of the unpredictable, Joshua takes on the role of your event host and emcee, becoming a memorable ingredient in your occasion's success.

As a seasoned Master of Ceremonies, Joshua’s art lies not merely in moderating an event, but in elevating it. His distinctive style and charm are matched only by his commitment to bringing your vision to life. He blends his extraordinary talents and multifaceted experience to provide a fast-paced, captivating and entertaining evening for all.

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