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Speaker | Entertainer | Author | Merchant of Joy
Joshua Routh helps individuals, companies and organizations improve relationships. Through his Complaint Free World and The 'S' Word presentations he shares the message that gratitude and connection are the cornerstones of growth, profit and stability.
Lonely is the new smoking


The US Surgeon General issues a warning, 'Lonely Is The New Smoking'. Gallup's recent workplace report highlights plummeting engagement levels and soaring job dissatisfaction. Improving engagement has become imperative for survival and success.

The solution doesn't necessitate extravagant spending or elaborate campaigns. The answer lies in fostering a culture centered on forging sincere and meaningful connections. What is crucial is an investment strategy prioritizing engagement and collaboration. It's a collective responsibility to reshape organizational culture, and when executed effectively, it becomes a potent competitive advantage.

Joshua Routh is a master of cultivating robust and meaningful bonds with others. His humorous, amazing and entertaining talks transform cultures, nurtures deep-seated unity and creates unforgettable shared experiences. In his programs, he shares the secrets of deeper connection. 

Joshua offers two Keynote talks: The 'S' Word' and Complaint Free World These talks can be presented separately or as companion presentations. The core of both talks is creating deeper and more impactful connections with others.

If you are looking for a Connection and Engagement focused keynote speaker, Joshua is your best choice.


Conference Planner
We had Joshua Routh come in for a large international conference with over 2500 attendees.
We had reviewed and met with many presenters and the difference was the professional attitude that Joshua had and his true desire to know our audiences.
His presentation was quite simply incredible! Everyone in attendance was astounded and fully connected.
CEO, Southern Rock Restaurants
Joshua captivated my team with his wit!
I Learned that while my business lessons are important, how you make your team feel is the best takeaway. 
Joshua is a great resource to make your team feel connected!
Speech and Theater Association of Missouri
Joshua brings a high level of knowledge and fun to every workshop.
We have booked him for many years and his sessions are consistently standing room only!
Hillel - Ask Big Questions Conference
Joshua was fabulous with our diverse group from all over the country.
He had us up and moving around, laughing and engaging. He taught us skills for our work and also for our lives.
I would work with him again in a heartbeat.

Keynote Presentations  and Workshop Topics

All of Joshua’s presentations are completely customized. He works with you to understand your audience, your theme, and your goals for the presentation. 
The 'S' Word



The ideas shared in this talk are not passive. This is a call to action. It is a call to be bold and make the first move, with SINCERITY

Complaint Free World



Joshua has joined best selling author and speaker Will Bowen on his quest to create a COMPLAINT FREE WORLD. 

Rapid Reconnection



This program is designed to help teams quickly rebuild the trust, COMMUNICATION, and COLLABORATION skills that they need to succeed.

Mind Blowing Presentations



A Series or Session Focused on Mastering the Art of Connection through MIND BLOWING PRESENTATIONS.

We all desire the same thing

In our world today, a growing sense of disconnection is becoming an undeniable reality for many. Joshua often jokes that as a child he was desperate for attention. Get to know him, and you will find out that what he really desired, is what we all desire in business and in life: CONNECTION

Joshua Routh Speaks About Connection

A Sample Of Joshua's Speaking, Entertaining and Workshop Clients

Past clients of Joshua Routh

Yes, I Swallow Swords. Here’s the Point!

The audience is seated, the stage lights up, everyone is prepared and yet not entirely sure what to expect.
There I am, standing on the stage, wearing a sport coat over an unusually colorful shirt, poised and focused, a sword in my hand...
Joshua Routh Speaks About Connection

About Joshua Routh

Meet Joshua Routh, the dynamic force behind Circus Kaput, one of the largest variety talent agencies in the American mid-west, and a celebrated performer, speaker, author, and corporate trainer. Recognized nationwide for his talent, Joshua's diverse experiences span TV commercials, comedy clubs, circus, theater, and even Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
However, Joshua's talents go beyond entertainment. As an experienced facilitator with a special focus on CONNECTION, Joshua has conducted transformative workshops for powerhouse corporations such as Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, and Google, instilling a sense of unity and stronger interpersonal bonds.
Recently, Joshua graced the TEDx St. Louis stage, adding yet another milestone to his illustrious career. He also collaborated with comedian and actor TJ Miller on the 'Perpetuity Tour', further demonstrating his versatility and knack for connection. Joshua is also the author of 'Mind Blowing Presentations', offering his insight into crafting engaging, memorable presentations.
If you're seeking a speaker, performer, emcee or corporate trainer who truly understands the power of connection, Joshua Routh should be your first choice.

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