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Joshua has joined best selling author and speaker Will Bowen on his quest to create a Complaint Free World. Joshua is one of the few speakers certified to share this incredible content. 

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Joshua speaking at the Meeting Professionals International EduCon in 2024


How to Turn Complainers Into Collaborators - 
In this engaging, inspiring, and humorous presentation, you’ll discover how to recognize the motivation behind complaints and, most importantly, how to redirect these negative complaints into positive collaboration. 
Corporate Speaker and Entertainer Joshua Routh
Certified Meeting Planner
Your Complaint Free World talk was perfect! Still have my purple bracelet!
Continuing to remain grateful and positive as much as possible!
Thanks so much! Keep being you!
Conference Planner
We had Joshua Routh come in for a large international conference with over 2500 attendees.
We had reviewed and met with many presenters and the difference was the professional attitude that Joshua had and his true desire to know our audiences.
His presentation was quite simply incredible! Everyone in attendance were astounded and fully connected.
Events Specialist for McKelvey School of Engineering at Washington University

I really enjoyed your Complaint Free World Presentation!

It was a fantastic way to leave our conference on a high note!  

Hillel - Ask Big Questions Conference
Joshua was  fabulous with our diverse group from all over the country. He had us up and moving around, laughing and engaging. He taught us skills for our work and also for our lives.
I would work with him again in a heartbeat.



In this engaging, inspiring, and humorous presentation, you’ll discover how to recognize the motivation behind complaints and, most importantly, how to redirect these negative complaints into positive collaboration. 
Most people deal with dozens of complaints every single day leaving them feeling drained, burned out, and emotionally ragged.
The combined stress of all this complaining leads to diminished job performance, lower morale, and higher turnover costing organizations billions of dollars every single year.
It’s vital that team members learn to recognize the hidden emotional need behind complaints and deal with them rather than being side-tracked and dragged down by all the griping.
People complain for only one of 5 reasons, remembered by the acronym G.R.I.P.E.

Get attention     

Remove responsibility     

Inspire envy   


Excuse poor performance

Thousands of top companies, associations, schools, and other organizations have applied the principles taught in this presentation to improve morale, lower turnover, increase cooperation, and improve customer satisfaction.
More than just an engaging and inspiring speech, you’ll receive real-world tools, tips, and practical takeaways that will provide lasting positive change within your organization.
josh routh keynote speaker


Joshua has learned a lot about taking risks, connecting with a team and forging a path to success. He built his career taking the actions others were too afraid or complacent to take.

His talks are all about how connection focused thinking changed his life. The tools he shares have helped people and organizations nationwide complain less, feel more connected and ready to connect with others. 

The anecdotes he shares with his audiences are all from his own experience training with Chinese Acrobats, his time as a forest fire fighter, and lessons learned through the challenges of owning one of the largest variety artist booking agencies in the mid-west.

In his talks he also shares the latest data from reputable sources such as Gallup, Forbes and the work of today's top human resources researchers. 

When Joshua is standing before your group, the audience always leans forward. 

josh routh keynote speaker


Founder of the Complaint Free Movement with 15+ Million Followers Worldwide#1, International Bestselling Author, Humorous Motivational Speaker

After decades of unprecedented sales success in insurance, broadcasting, and advertising, on July 23, 2006 Will Bowen’s life changed forever...and so did the lives of tens of millions of people (so far).

On that day, Will invited 250 people to try and break the negative habit of complaining by going 21 consecutive days without uttering a single gripe.

Will gave each person a purple bracelet to be used as a mindfulness tool. His idea: switch the bracelet from wrist-to-wrist with each spoken complaint and keep switching until you go 21 consecutive days without complaining.

Will’s idea EXPLODED around the world until now, some 15 year later, the worldwide Complaint Free bracelet total is over 15 Million and climbing.

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