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Whether you need a Mind Blowing Keynote, looking to reconnect the team, prepping for a crucial talk that needs a touch of finesse, or seeking an Emcee or Facilitator to captivate and connect your event's audience; Joshua's unique focus on fostering connections will ensure memorable and impactful experiences. 

Joshua Routh TEDx

Joshua Routh is a nationally recognized performer, speaker, author, corporate trainer, and owner of one of the largest variety talent agencies in the American mid-west, Circus Kaput.

As an entertainer, he has worked in a wide array of venues , including TV commercials, comedy clubs, circus, theater, and for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

He is also an experienced facilitator who focuses on the topic of CONNECTION and has conducted workshops for corporations such as Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, and Google.

Most recently, he was seen on the TEDx St. Louis stage, performed with comedian and actor TJ Miller on his 'Perpetuity Tour', and authored a book titled Mind Blowing Presentations.

In his free time, Joshua Routh enjoys cuddling with his rescue dogs and shopping for flamboyantly designed dress shirts.

Joshua Routh TEDx


"Is it real?"   
"Do you really swallow swords?"   
"It's a fake sword right?"

Yes, I Swallow Swords.

Here’s the Point!

by Joshua Routh

The audience is seated, the stage lights up, everyone is prepared and yet not entirely sure what to expect.

There I am, standing on the stage, wearing a sport coat over an unusually colorful shirt, poised and focused, a sword in my hand...

Joshua Routh TEDx

The One Time I Met The President

and shook his hand twice.

It was June 1998, that I met my boss at the time, one of the most famous people in the world, the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton.
I say he was my boss because I was serving in a Federal Program, AmeriCorps. Specifically I was serving as a member of the Emergency Response Team. We were responsible for working in natural disasters, teaching disaster preparedness trainings for FEMA, and US Forest Service projects like trail building and forest fire fighting...