The most up to date thinking on habits, change and growth presented in an entertaining way.

In his 'Motivation and the Mind' presentation, Joshua will show you how to re-frame negative thought patterns, unlock the barriers to goals, break down fears and make new healthy connections to success. You will learn the latest in the psychology of change and why just setting a goal is never enough.


Gain mastery of the subconscious signals you give and receive.

This is what they didn't teach you in business school. Body language expert Joshua Routh's Physical Languages presentation will help you increase sales, strengthen security and even prevent fraud. Your body is communicating in ways you may not be aware of. This presentation will help you use this hidden voice to communicate more effectively and clearly, as well as give you deeper insight into what others are saying and sometimes hiding with their bodies.

VERB LIFE - Action Based Living

Joshua's motto is "I Get Verbs". This talk is about how he lives that way every day.

Verbs are all about action, and this talk is all about action based living. One of the hottest topics for speakers today is perseverance and endurance. Joshua knows quite a bit about this. He has had his own struggles through his years of training and performing with Chinese acrobats, his time as a forest fire fighter and owning one of the largest variety arts booking agencies in the mid-west. He will share personal stories and the meaning he has found living a verb filled life.


Josh speaks on many topics including: Persistence, Body Language, Teamwork, Public Speaking and Client Relationships.

Josh Routh is a master psychological entertainer and speaker. He has worked with many organizations on improving communication through body language and clearing the mental blocks that keep us from reaching our potential. Bringing Josh to your group is a proven way to add effective tools to your teams toolbox and achieve the metrics your leadership desires.


Thanks for bringing so much laughter and inspiration to our banquet! It was awesome!

Angie S.
Lutheran Senior Service