A comedy stage hypnosis show unlike any other!

Joshua’s Stage Hypnosis programs combine interactive fun, non-offensive humor, music, amazing skill and more to give your special event entertainment that truly make your guests the stars of the show. By using ultra-safe, state-of-the-art hypnotic suggestion, your volunteers will be put into a relaxing trance state. Josh will then alter their environments, create new personalities and much more.


Mind reading, stunts, comedy, audience participation and more!

With his own special blend of magic and comedy, entertainer extraordinaire Joshua Routh presents a night of stunning stunts, reality shattering mind reading and hilarious antics. Using total audience participation, the Mental Mayhem show dazzles the mind and challenges you to question what is real and what is unreal. You don't just watch this show you experience it!


Spice up the night with Joshua as your hilarious and mesmerizing Master of Ceremonies.

Joshua is an incredible Master of Ceremonies capable of livening up the night with his comedic talents and amazing demonstrations of the impossible between sections of the presentation. Make the night so much more memorable with Joshua as an awards presenter, a motivator or a hilarious professional party guest.


For over 25 years Joshua has entertained audiences nationwide with his unique performances.

His past and current corporate clients include Monsanto, Wells Fargo, Square and ExpressScripts.

He has been featured entertainment for Major League Baseball's World Series Gala, Ripley's Believe it Or Not and Six Flags.

Joshua is no stranger to television as he has performed for most of the major networks and was a regular guest performer on Fox 2 St. Louis for many years with host Tim Ezell.

His work has given him the opportunity to meet and perform for many famous people like Andy Cohen, Ellie Kemper, The Neville Brothers, Flea, Woody Harrelson, Lt Governor Gavin Newsom, Governor Matt Blunt and former President Bill Clinton.


We used Joshua for our UPN 46 Fall TV Premiere party, and it was a pleasure working with him. He is very organized, efficient, and had an excellent rapport with everyone involved. The crowd loved Joshua and I would definitely work with him again given the opportunity.

Tim Smith
UPN 46