Joshua has been teaching over 25 years. In this workshop he shares the skills that have made him a sought after educator.

Joshua has a wide breadth of experience teaching corporations, college students, high school students and more. In this workshop, he will share how he keeps learning exciting and fun. This is not your average 'Training the Trainer' style of program. Participants will learn real tricks of engagement and how to apply them to any topic. If you want to have your team or students on the edge of their seat, this is the workshop you are looking for.


The ultimate taste of life in the circus!

The perfect way to boost morale, re-engage with your staff, and get your team setting new goals, Joshua's exciting and inspiring circus-themed corporate workshops have been designed to introduce your team to an incredible range of new skills and equipment. Circus training helps to develop confidence, trust in others, leadership and non-verbal communication.


Today's presenter must truly engage the audience in ways that until recently have never been explored.

Joshua has over 20 years experience directing, choreographing, writing and consulting for theatrical productions, magic acts, circuses and films. He has a broad knowledge base of what it takes to create a Mind Blowing Presentation. Many businesses and conferences have commissioned his skills to help their staff and attendees grow as presenters.


Sharing his passion for learning new skills has been a big part of Joshua's life for many years. He has taught workshops on topics ranging from circus skills to giving amazing presentations for a wide variety of audiences. He has shared his knowledge at huge conferences, corporate meetings, conventions and training events.

Past corporate clients include Wells Fargo, Nestle Purina, Google and many others.

He has been an adjunct professor for SLU Business School and worked with many university students to apply the core lessons from circus skills and improv theater to grow well rounded future leaders.

He is regularly invited to teach at education conferences, working with teachers to make their lessons more engaging as well as his special brand of classroom management.


Joshua Routh was an amazing collaborative partner and his quality and professionalism is unparalleled in the St. Louis region. I cannot wait to work with Joshua again. His spirit and talent helped carry my projects through to perfection and without his help as a producer and performer I'm certain I would not have received the results I did.

Sean Trani